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DIY – Kitchen Survey and Measurements 


Sydney Professional Kitchens would like to share our onsite measurements experience with you. An ideal kitchens is made of collective elements, our experts put together with your wish and vision. Any photos and measurements information are crucial and helpful to how we can serve and work with you.



Window location – Provide visual pleasure to your kitchen and its users.


Gas & hydraulic locations – They determine your plumbing cost and functionality of your food prep area.


Wall & Boundary measurements – Extent of your kitchen space (Floor to ceiling wall, low height wall, nib wall)


Ceiling context – Bulkhead, ceiling height, cornice, ceiling lighting fixtures (existing down light, pendant light)


Illustrations below show you how and where you can survey and measure your kitchen.

We would love to hear your ideal kitchen planning.

We propose you the best design option.

We create the best future kitchen together with you.

Lets take this kitchen as an example. We will look at 3 major elements:


  • Extent of the kitchen – boundary, walls, opening, windows, doors
  • Plumbing – Gas supply, water supply, hydraulic service
  • Ceiling – Bulkhead,  Ceiling height, cornice, drop ceiling

CH: Ceiling height


W1W4: Wall dimensions as many as required


WD: Wall dimensions


WH: Wall height


HYD: Hydraulic

Hydraulic location information can help us to give you the best cost effective kitchen design option. And you can saving your budget from additional plumbing relocation cost.